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Discord is Beauty; Silence is Beast: Dissent in Authoritarian Regimes (2013)

Using a negative binomial regression model, this study interprets the negative relationship between single party and personalist regimes with non-violent and violent dissent. It also proposes an explanation for the absence of a link between military regimes and dissent. Special thanks to the National Science Foundation, Eric Keels, and Drs. James Meernik and John Ishiyama at the University of North Texas.

Transition to Democracy in the Middle East (2012)

A qualitative study examining the role of the military during democratic transition in Egypt and Tunisia. Historically, the Egyptian military has been economically co-opted by Hosni Mubarak in an effort to dissuade it from entering the political arena. Ben Ali of Tunisia kept the military underfunded to decrease the probability of military intervention. The results suggest Egypt will have a more tumultuous transition as the military will seek to protect its corporate interests. Special thanks to the McNair Scholars Program and Dr. Rodrigo Nunes at St. Edward’s University.